Package S

This package may be intended for smaller productions, but don’t underestimate it.  With an assortment of Led lights included at no additional cost, it has been built specifically to fill all of your lighting and grip needs, while still remaining affordable. As with all of our packages, this list has been adjusted and improved again and again over our 25 plus years of experience.  We’ve worked hard to refine this budget friendly option to include all the essentials a small scale project will need, while still saving some money along the way.

We work with the best brand such has Arri, Red, Kino Flo, Aladin, Fiilex, DMG, Digital Sputnik, K5600, Rosco, Movietech, Panther 

download PDF Material-List.pdf


  • 2x HMI 800W
  • 2x Fiilex Q8
  • 2x Digital Sputnik DS-1
  • 2x Arri Skypanel
  • 2x Kino Freestyle100
  • 2x Fomex Flx Led 1200
  • 4x Fiilex P360 Pro  
  • 1x Dedolight kit

Grip & Fixations

  • Stands / Mat Boom
  • Grip & Fixations Set
  • Sun Bounce Reflector
  • Distribution Set
  • Frame Set
  • AppleBox Set
  • Backdrop
CHF 1,500.00